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Welcome to bbf: where dreams materialize, and aspirations take architectural form. As a leading developer in Cyprus, bbf: stands at the forefront of innovation, crafting not just homes, but lifestyles. Our commitment extends beyond brick-and-mortar; we create living experiences that redefine luxury, elevate comfort and embrace sustainability.

With a rich portfolio spanning from exquisite residences to dynamic commercial spaces, bbf: sets the standard for visionary development. Our creations are more than structures - they are testaments to a legacy built on precision, passion and a deep understanding of modern living.
Types of properties
Our portfolio spans various types of real estate, ensuring a comprehensive range of options from exquisite residential retreats to dynamic commercial spaces and meticulously restored historic gems. Embrace the diversity of real estate that aligns with your unique preferences and confidently invest in properties by bbf:
Find the perfect home that resonates with your style and comfort. Stunning tasteful apartments of various sizes are tailored to suit every family type, each adorned with modern amenities and tasteful finishes. Whether you're a dynamic individual seeking a cozy one-bedroom retreat, a growing family in search of a spacious haven, or a couple looking for an elegant and manageable space - our selection caters to your unique lifestyle.
Varying heights
Whether you are yearning for the dynamic lifestyle of the city or a tranquil intimate way of life, bbf: meets your real estate needs with a stunning portfolio of exquisite properties. From compact Mediterranean inspired low rise structures to London inspired skyscraper apartments, bbf: goes beyond a space to settle in, and offers an elevated way to live.
If the big city life calls, answer with grand scale projects designed for upscale living in the bustling city center. Elevate your lifestyle with visually striking properties that command onlookers’ attention, meticulously curated interior finishes and endess vistas of the turquoise Mediterranean Sea and picturesque mountains.
Different classes
We pride ourselves in our versatile expertise in various classes of real estate, each crafted to meet distinct lifestyle needs. From the inviting embrace of comfort-class residences to the sophisticated allure of affordable luxury and the pinnacle of luxury found in our premium properties, bbf: is dedicated to redefining living experiences across the spectrum.
Our comfort-class properties redefine the essence of home, offering a range of well-appointed apartments and houses, designed for practical and enjoyable living. Ensure your convenience without sacrificing elegance with our fine selection of comfort-class apartments, equipped with modern amenities that integrate seamlessly and facilitate their residents in the best possible way.
Types of finishing
Whether you have a clear vision of your new property interiors or are looking to entrust talented professionals with shaping your Mediterranean haven we offer versatile and fully personalized packages. You can be at the helm of interior design direction, a leading force in decision making or ready to settle in an elegantly styled space with finishing touches that flawlessly resonate with your personal taste.
Discover a harmonious fusion of elevated style and modern functionality with this complete finishing package. All functional aspects of the properties are meticulously curated to merge contemporary comfort and efficiency into uplifting interior spaces that inspire.
Scales of developments
At bbf: we go above and beyond with envious scalability of real estate projects that span prime locations, diverse world-class properties and lifestyles. Explore our comprehensive range of offerings and indulge in world-class facilities and unique amenities.
The singular architectural masterpieces stand as a testament of timeless elegance and meticulous design. In the residential properties, there is only a handful of apartments ensuring that residents settle in a sanctuary of privacy, peace and comfort.
Additional services
At bbf: you have the unique opportunity to enjoy the large scope of our services, tailored specifically to your needs. From exclusive and high-quality designer pieces to mortgage advice, bbf: is here for you.
Indulge in first-class hotel-style services in your living space where welcoming receptionists, spacious yoga rooms, grand swimming pools, quiet spa zones and cleaning services are at your fingertips. Choosing to spend a relaxing day at home does not fall short of the high standards of premium luxury hotels.
Wide range of prices
Discover the unparalleled diversity of our offerings as a leading development company committed to accommodating every budget. At bbf: we take pride in presenting the widest range of properties in Cyprus, catering to a spectrum of financial preferences from 235,000 euro to 8,000,000 euro. Whether you envision a cozy retreat or an opulent residence, we understand that every individual's dream home is unique. Our portfolio is meticulously curated to ensure that there's a perfect match for every budget and lifestyle. From modest yet elegant options to luxurious estates, we believe that quality living should be accessible to all.