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The future of construction as being designed by artificial intelligence

Ivan Kozheurov, Chief R&D and Innovations Officer at bbf: describes the company’s pioneering community app for tenants and owners that helps them manage anything, from paying rent and common expenses, to opening gates and lobby doors. He also explains the meaning behind the company’s name: “build.better.future”


Today, bbf: uses the most advanced cloud-based software solutions for construction project management, such as PROCORE, Openspace360, TestFit, and others. These tools help construction professionals streamline project management and improve collaboration among team members. With its comprehensive set of tools for document management, schedule and budget management, and communication, 360 photoshoots and others help to improve project performance and ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget. It's widely used by construction professionals to manage the construction project and improve the efficiency of the project.


For tenants and owners, we have developed our own software, which is called bbf: community app. It’s a mobile application that helps our tenants and owners:

  • Communicate with the property management company by sending the request and monitoring the status of those
  • Pay the common expenses and rent hassle-free through an app within 3 clicks.
  • Open and close gates and lobby doors from the Phone app.
  • Have "hands-free" access to the building (no keys or magnets needed).
  • Answer the intercom and open the door.
  • See the occupancy of the common facilities such as the gym, spa, or sauna.
  • Upgrade the property with our after-sales offerings (furniture, appliances, etc.).
  • Have a smart home feature in the app as a part of the property (new projects) or install one if it’s a delivered project.

Personally, I see the future of construction as being designed by artificial intelligence, built in the factory by robots, transported by autopilot Tesla trucks, and assembled by autonomous cranes and tools with LIDAR sensors.

We at bbf: are moving towards this goal by doing research in modular construction, hiring people with a robotics engineering background, and bringing the most advanced technologies available on the market.

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