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We are happy to announce the completion of stockholm


We are happy to announce the completion of stockholm: the premium residential apartments in the area of Strovolos in Nicosia. We present to you the unique design and excellent construction of the residential project, which is ideal for families where luxury, comfort, and functionality of the interior and exterior spaces are the key elements. When modern architecture is combined with functional indoor and outdoor spaces, the result is a warm and elegant look that lets you enjoy every moment with your loved ones.

bbf: stockholm project is a modern apartment building in a quiet neighborhood of the Strovolos area, in a prime location not far from the city center and close to useful amenities and infrastructure. The building is energy class A, which provides a competitive investment proposition while maintaining the bbf: philosophy of creating superior living spaces. Residents can enjoy the green outdoor area, which is great for barbeques, and the well-designed kids' playground when they want to spend quality time outdoors.

Specifically, the project features twelve premium 2 and 3-bedroom apartments and penthouses with all modern amenities and specifications, such as the choice of high-quality materials to ensure quality over time, underfloor heating, large double-glazed thermal windows, and large and comfortable verandas that communicate with the interior of the house and offer airy and bright rooms that radiate tranquilly and a sense of creativity.

It is worth noting that the penthouses have a roof garden with a barbeque area and Jacuzzi, elements that offer an opportunity to relax and a place to meet with friends — ideal meeting points for all days of the year. Additionally among its state-of-the-art features, stockholm: has a photovoltaic park that makes it both innovative and energy-efficient. This is another way that bbf: shows its commitment to being environmentally friendly.

stockholm: residents will have a high-quality place to live, with spaces designed to meet their needs and give them times of peace and quiet.

For more information, visit the stockholm page or submit a request.

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