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This year has been a special one for bbf:


The arrival of the bbf name, in the summer of 2022, marks a new chapter: we have entered the international arena.

By the end of the year, we have already started several full-scale construction projects in Greece, and we are starting to implement projects in Canada and Portugal.
And, of course, dozens of new complexes in Cyprus, including for a new direction - business real estate.
We are happy to see our satisfied customers every day: to communicate and help them in any issues, as well as to offer new innovative solutions to improve their lives.
After all, at the stage of purchase, our cooperation with residents is just beginning.

The plans are grandiose.

The possibilities are unlimited.

Thank you for trusting us with the most precious thing.

We continue to build the best partnerships together!

What to look for

There are several projects in Cyprus and Greece with potential high rental yields and capital gains now, Many of them are at the initial stage of construction, wich means that one can enter onn the most favourable terms.

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