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bbf: supports “'All Together: Paddling for Life, Paddling for Children”


Empowering a Better Future: A Community Support through a Meaningful Cause.

bbf: is proud to support the charity event 'All Together: Paddling for Life, Paddling for Children,' initiated by the well-known windsurfing and stand-up paddle athlete and coach, Costas Symeonides, and his team. The event aims was to support the 'Panos Evripidou Foundation,' a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting families and the lives of premature children facing lifelong challenges caused by prematurity.

The foundation strives to transform donations into lifesaving miracles and 'put a smile into a soul' for a better future.
This year’s charity event has attracted the attention and interest of many people who did paddling for a good cause. Their unwavering support is also inspired by the motto of the athlete and coach Costas Symeonides, which states: 'What the body can't do, the mind does.'

The incredible paddling route designed with the dedication of a champion who not only inspires admiration and recognition by others but also sparks a light in our hearts. On Friday, 1 December, a group of 20 people started on the paddle from Akamas towards Limassol (140km). On 2 December, a second group of 8 people  joined them on the way, and a third group of 15 from Lady’s Mile to aim for the finish at Amathusia.

We are happy to support this kind of initiative in to brighten the future for those who need it most.

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