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Inside the newly updated bbf: real estate portfolio – transforming how people live, work and play

bbf:, a developer of world-class residential and commercial properties in Cyprus and Greece, recently released its 2024 portfolio – an extensive selection of high-end living spaces and Class-A offices designed to inspire vibrant communities in visually stunning locations. 

The updated portfolio reveals a wide range of new developments in Cyprus – from exquisite apartments and villa complexes to forward-thinking business centers and live-and-work communities – all meticulously planned to deliver high-end living and working spaces that offer magnificent views and foster a sense of community.

“These projects combine innovation and technical excellence with a deep understanding of modern urban living,” says Andreas Siamtanis, Development Director at bbf:." 

“Our team of expert analysts and real estate specialists works thoroughly to gather information and understand the diverse needs of modern professionals and their families. These insights allow us to customize each development to cater to a wide range of lifestyles and financial preferences, personalizing the customer experience with value-added services that extend well beyond the time of sale. As a result, we’re creating customer-centric communities that transform how people live, work and play,” adds Siamtanis. 

This approach is reflected in :synergy, the first residential project by bbf: in Larnaca. Situated in beautiful Oroklini, this modern gated complex boasts 89 family villas amidst green open spaces and offers communal facilities like kids’ playground, swimming pool, and a clubhouse with gym and sauna. The luxurious and upscale villas of :hillside and the highly-awaited luxurious beachfront apartments of :marco polo are the pride of bbf: and among its flagship developments that stand as great examples of premium living and gorgeous uninterrupted views.   

:flow may serve as the epitome of the bbf: promise – build better future. It is a mixed-use project in Limassol that aims to establish a vibrant community where high-end living and Class-A work environments blend harmoniously in a beautiful setting. It comprises four five-floor apartment buildings and one seven-floor office building with ground-floor shops and exclusive amenities designed to promote its residents’ well-being – like coworking zones, a gym and yoga room, a communal pool, and a spa.

bbf: 2024 portfolio also highlights the company’s focus on Class-A commercial developments that are well-aligned with global trends in office design and the modern workforce culture. :benchmark will act as a reference point in Limassol’s urban landscape, exemplifying contemporary architecture with state-of-the-art business infrastructure. Strategically located on Spyros Kyprianou Avenue, in the heart of the city’s thriving business hub, :benchmark will enable businesses to establish their presence and improve their operations in functional and efficient working spaces that fit their unique vision and requirements.

Portfolio bbf: 2024

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