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Introducing the finished design of our mobile app

We introduce you to the completed design of our mobile application for the tenants and owners, which is called bbf: community app.

It’s a mobile application that helps our clients:

- Communicate with Property Management Company by sending the request and monitoring the status of those
- Pay the common expenses and rent payments with just 3 clicks
- Open and close gates and lobby doors using the phone app
- Have “hands-free” access to the building (no keys or magnets needed)
- Answer the intercom and open the door
- See the occupancy of the common facilities such as the Gym, Spa, or Sauna
- Order furniture, decorations, hardware and services
- Set up and use the function of the “smart home”

Currently, our r&d department is investigating the application, complementing the functionality and preparing it for the customers release.


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