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Limassol’s new eccentric, high-end living development


Those involved in real estate know that the three most important variables to consider when purchasing a home are location, location, and location. Despite the cliché, location is vital, and accessibility to amenities often increases a home’s value.

A new luxury residential development designed with eccentric high-end living in mind considers its location to be one of the many advantages that property owners will benefit from, since it is located in one of Limassol’s most fashionable living neighbourhoods and vibrant business hubs.
Dedicated to providing the best future living environments for their clients, bbf® is constantly expanding their understanding of life, form, and shared urban systems, which, according to Commercial Director, George Dokuchaev, “will make a positive impact and create a healthy, sustainable environment for future living.”

When it comes to location, :fremont park’s unrivalled positioning is attracting every potential home buyer or property investor looking to get a piece of Cyprus booming property pie. “The island has historically been a popular choice for property investment, and when combined with a growing economy, ease of doing business, and a variety of tax incentives, Cyprus investment landscape is highly appealing,” Dokuchaev said.
: fremont park is a new, ultra-modern gated community of six exquisite apartment buildings, which feature studios, and one and two bedroom units that range 50-150 square metres, offering comfort and elegance in everyday urban living.


Owners are moments away from a world of leisure experiences, including Limassol’s pristine and beautiful coastline, one of the island’s largest malls, world cruise terminals, national parks, popular historical attractions, luxury marinas, an 18-hole championship golf course, and City of Dreams – Europe’s first integrated casino and entertainment resort. “Located close to the city centre, this development is situated in a serene neighbourhood where one is able to experience the calmness and beauty of the city of Limassol while living in a modern residence where every detail is well thought out,” Public Relations Manager, Cecilia Ioannou told the Sunday Mail.
“The development’s meticulously planned layout provides a sense of community by making full use of the natural light that surrounds :fremont park’s luscious green environs and through spacious and modern interiors that emit optimism for the future,” she added.

According to Ioannou, spacious windows and high ceilings will provide a sense of openness, while signature finishes from European brands and efficient technology systems throughout the development, including communal facilities, ensure that efficiency with automation and quality are not compromised.
When it comes to purchasing a new development, one significant factor to consider is the quality of the residential amenities, which bbf: has put a special accent on the standard of the amenities in its residential complexes. “We provide 24/7 support to our residents, something which many developers don’t necessarily offer,” she said. “We recognise the importance of community because it has a significant impact on residents’ experiences. The more enjoyment people get out of their living environment, the stronger the community identity, sense of belonging, and level of happiness.”

Aside from the spectacular views of the surrounding planted gardens that all homeowners will enjoy, the key focal point is a large swimming pool that sits at the heart of the development. For individuals who want to stay healthy or release tension after work, there is a fully equipped, state-of-the-art gym and a spacious sauna.” :fremont park offers a comfortable style that encourages residents to immerse themselves into the lifestyle that bbf: has created for them,” Dokuchaev stated.

“Limassol is a modern, cosmopolitan, transparent business centre offering opportunities for property investment, and provides expats and families an enviable lifestyle in a safe and vibrant setting. It’s an ideal combination of comfort and work-life balance,” something bbf: is well-versed in.

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