kelowna, canada
: savant
In the heart of Canada’s fastest-growing city, Savant is a lab for urban living—a 36-story mixed-use downtown development with intelligently-designed residences, innovative amenities, and common spaces for work and play that make room for creative collisions. Savant is shaping a new kind of community and a dynamic new centre of downtown Kelowna.
Across the street from the coming UBCO Downtown and the heart of the university neighbourhood, Savant is a catalyst for the transformation that’s making Kelowna one of Canada’s best small cities. From here, owners can walk to Okanagan Lake, breweries, restaurants and retail, building a downtown that’s increasingly active day and night.
Savant will be a landing pad and living room for a sophisticated, active audience of young and old. Savant is for the entrepreneurial and the curious, people who are learning, doing and growing, who value forward thinking and future-making. Savant will be a social, community-oriented hotbed and home for brains, energy and ideas.
Savant creates opportunities to be together and be part of something bigger, friendlier and newer. Something that’s never happened in Kelowna before.
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Kelowna continues to attract young talent from other provinces, and more than its share of the self-employed, fostering entrepreneurship and creating a climate for innovation.
Canada’s fastest-growing city, according to the 2021 Census. A downtown that will become home to a UBCO campus, a true gamechanger for the neighbourhood. Savant, in the heart of this astonishing vibrancy, is an opportunity to own part of the future of one of the country’s most desirable cities.

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