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BBF's visionary journey continues – the pioneering new projects that will elevate Cyprus to a world-class destination


Since its founding in 2007, BBF has established itself as a visionary force in Cyprus’ residential and commercial development market. As the bbf: story continues to unfold, the company is about to add another two milestones to its record, together with the renowned international architecture and design studio UHA. 

“BBF’s long-term partnership with UHA resulted in the emergence of our signature architectural style and redefined the real estate development industry in Cyprus. Now, we’re ready to break new ground together, with two unique large-scale projects that will elevate the island to a world-class destination and deepen our ties with local communities,” says Andreas Siamtanis, Development Director at BBF.

An international educational hub in Palodia, Limassol

This pioneering mixed-use development in the Palodia area of Limassol – the first of its kind in Cyprus at this scale – is in the design and development phase. Integrating education, research and development, and residential areas, this new landmark project will not only be a reference point in the Mediterranean region, but it will also contribute to the island's economy and create new job opportunities.

Environmental sustainability is central to its design. The focus is on preserving and enhancing the natural surroundings with large green open spaces. A study regarding the possible provision of a photovoltaic park to cover the development's energy needs is also in progress.

A local landmark breathes new life at Limassol's urban coastline

BBF and UHA are also developing the architectural concept and master plan for the KEAN site coastal development, a landmark mixed-use project that will transform Limassol's urban coastline and attract global interest. Featuring unique architectural design and meeting international standards for sustainable urban development, the KEAN project will combine BBF’s commitment to quality and innovation with its customer-centric vision to create vibrant and dynamic communities.

Jonas Upton-Hansen, Director at UHA, stated:

“Our collaboration with BBF dates back to 2016, marked by the visionary architectural concept of bbf: eden roc. Together, we continuously challenge each other to think out of the box, never compromise on quality, and create the extraordinary in the industry. As we celebrate over 70 projects in Cyprus and Greece, we are proud to be part of these ground-breaking new projects.” 

Meanwhile, BBF has begun the 3rd phase of repair and renovation works on the Berengaria Hotel, Cyprus’ most historic mountain resort, in cooperation with M. Economides - M. Akkelidou Architects LLC – another landmark project that reaffirms BBF’s commitment to preserving the island’s cultural legacy and natural beauty. 

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